How They Dupe the Dupes

A few years back, during the Bush administration, a huge tax break went to the top and a piddling amount went to the rest of us. One person living in our development crowed about her $600 check she got as her part of the tax cut. In this development, if $600 means a lot to you, then you shouldn’t be living here. That six-hundred was eaten up that year by an increase in the gasoline price. But all she saw was a $600 windfall and she was happy with the Bush tax cut.
Here is the big question, the one confronting now with Trump supporters: when people are so easily fooled, and Trump is promising an end to the Mexican menace that has stolen our jobs and raised the crime statistics, what can we say about those people that some pundit won’t shake his head over and say that both sides are so full of hatred and vituperation? In another blog post, I asked when it was OK to use the H word (Hitler) re Trump. Well, now everyone is comparing the Trump administration to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

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