“They all think that.”

A journalist from Abuja, Nigeria, reporting on Trump’s popularity in Nigeria, when asked about his racism, said that Nigerians recognize that all Americans really think that but just may not say it.
While that enraged me, the assumption by people who do not know me, that I harbor the same notions on race that Trump does, I also became sad thinking that so many people in the world just accept as fact the hatred and bigotry incarnated in Trump.
In a related story, a recent nation-wide poll of African-Americans revealed that their second choice after Biden is Bloomberg! What about stop-and-frisk? As someone said, African-American voters are pragmatic and just want to beat Trump and put a Democrat in the W.H.
Bloomberg? “They all really think that way.” My Republican doctor in 2016 told us, “Vote for the Jew.” Well, not we have two chances to do that. For me, Neither is palatable, but I not only will work for the Democratic nominee, even though neither one is a Democrat, I will do phone banking for either.
In fact, I’m not sure, now that Biden MIGHT be sinking, who I’d like to see other than Klobuchar. Maybe Biden Klobuchar or vice versa? Bloomberg Klobuchar or vice versa? I just want someone in there who can get more Democrats into the House and Senate and run the board on the Republicans.
I suggest those Republican senators who condemned Trump but voted for acquittal would send their granddaughters to be interns in Trump’s W.H.

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