Take his whistle away

What is the point in finding out the identity of a whistle blower? To punish him, of course. But why punish him what the whistle has been blown? As a warning to whistle blowers down the line who might think about blowing the whistle on shenanigans and outright crimes.
Where does this come from? Why would not the would-be punishers just recognize the right of the whistle blower to blow his whistle? It goes back to the code of the street: you can never allow anyone to get away clean after they have done something to you, no matter how slight. Be it a joke at your expense, slapping a nickname on you, insulting you, stealing something from you up to physically assaulting you. You MUST retaliate, otherwise you leave yourself open to further attacks, further assaults, further insults because now you are seen as vulnerable, a very dangerous position to be in and one requiring you to seek protection.
What does that tell us about the Trump cronies? The Barrs, the MIllers, the Kushners, etc.? They are basically street hoods. That’s their mentality. Watch the characters in the Sopranos and you’ll see the current administration. Watch movies with DeNiro, Pesci, and so on. There they are.

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