Conservatives complain that liberals insult them, calling them uneducated, rubes, fly-over country residents, red-necks and say they vote against their own interests. This is supposed proof of the lack of civility among liberals.
And yet conservatives think we are stupid when they tell us their voter suppression efforts among the young, minorities, college students, immigrants is all about preventing voter fraud which they claim is rampant. They tell us they only want secure borders despite putting babies and toddlers in cages after taking them away from their parents and then accusing the parents of child abuse (abandonment?). They just want to maintain control over who enters the country and then applaud Trump when he targets Muslims to ban from entering. And the biggest lie they expect us to swallow is, “I don’t see color.”


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    As one not firmly on either side, I can say I have seen plenty of evidence that both sides contain plenty of folks with a lack of civility, usually coupled with a lack of evidence of any understanding of the topics they rant against.

    But there is also no shortage of what your second paragraph describes.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      To a degree, yes, both sides. My concern is that where a good many liberals used to just feel bad for the less well-off, less educated conservatives aka reactionaries, there has been a shift to outright hostility b/c the “rubes” have shown their power and that power threatens what we value: rule of law, Congressional oversight, voting rights, accountability, and so forth. When a third of the country wants to tell the rest of us who is a “real American,” that is no longer their delusion, it’s their threat to us.

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