Ups and Downs with TPRS and the Virus

Just as my granddaughter was getting back into the swing of things with French, the virus hit. She has stayed away for a week or so but we’re planning on getting back together. The use of the Picture Files was exploding her French and I have only a few months to push this before she goes off to Ohio State U.
Our son, her dad, is staying with us due to schools being closed and teachers doing on-line lessons. He is helping us out which is especially good because our daughter is so compromised she has to avoid human contact pretty much. The upside is that my son is determined to work on the base of Spanish he has acquired just working in heavily Hispanic schools and has asked me to do the tprs with him. So for the summer I will have two students, one with almost two years (not full, due to several hiatuses) in in French and one near beginner in Spanish. So I’ll be reporting on them both.
My task now, besides resorting the Picture Files and maintaining some written assignments for my granddaughter until she starts back is to go back and transcribe the many untranscribed lessons we’ve had.

April 14 Nyah has confirmed her desire to continue with French. I sought to buy a camera and mike for communicating with her but they are sold out, for obvious reasons. However, when my son gets back at the end of this week he will no doubt work with us on getting an arrangement where I can use the Picture Files with her. In the meantime, she is open to written assignments. So tomorrow morning I’ll start setting those up.

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