Nyah’s lesson Nov. 4, 2019 #

Reminder: asterisk means indicates she understood the French without props

the baby eats solid food?*

je ne peux plus……
no more*
le mais dedans le nez….
what? (exclamation of surprise)*
chez eux (pointing to eux = them)
to their house*
(shows impatience with story)

Combien des oreilles avez-vous and on with other parts –
Two* (bouche – I don’t remember, oh, is it mouth?
and on with dogs and cats
En general…
Ou est-ce que le bebe a mis le mais, etc.
and she got them all.
I don’t remember how he helped the baby!*
showing she did understand but didn’t remember the story
Le baby a mange quoi?
Qu’est-ce que le baby a trouve chez le medecin?
More food*

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