Nyah’s lesson Nov. 5, 2019 #

After transcribing this I think I would say the “structures” are l’ and avoir peur and

Asked for leaving the question words up.

Qui est votre chanteur favori?…

I don’t have one.*

Is it required I pick someone? (sort of resistance to “going along” she demonstrates)

Un autre personage..

another one?*

Encore une………..


Ca peut etre quelqu’un qui n’est pas fameux.

Who’s not famous? You?*

Est-ce que vous avez recu un paquet? (after putting recevoir on the board)

A package. UPS*

Il ne veut pas ouvrir le paquet.


Il a peur.


It’s from a crazy fan? (shows participation)

Il a peur….

He is afraid – am I right or am I right?  (shows participation

Il en a peur.

Why does that (en) go first.  (shows participation

S.C. demande a sa mere qu’elle ouvre le paquet …

(there follows a lot of back and forth over the meaning of “l'” in “l’ouvrir”; then over the pronunciation of ‘peut’ and ‘peur’)

Like ‘can’* Why haven’t we ever done should, would, could? (foreshadows her desire for a structured approach to the grammar)

Sont des mots


C’est tres difficile

But it’s important (Like ‘can’* (foreshadows her desire for a structured approach to the grammar)

Asks about Spanish question mark.

La mere ne veut pas l’ouvrir.

She’s scared to?*

J’ai oublie.

Taylor Swift (a character I’d left out)*

Are we going to finish the story tomorrow?


We only have 3 minutes left.*




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