Nyah’s lesson Nov. 13, 2019 #

la cantine scolaire –


(I read aloud a long piece in francais courant with me  making notes on various items but overall not very effective)

Why are we mixing two stories (typical of her criticism of procedure)

(she’d never heard the phrase ‘last will and testament’)

Vous savez de quelle couleur est le parroquet?


Comment s’appelle le parroquet?

Red* (its name)

Ou sont les parents du parroquet?

He was rescued. He was in the circus*

Qu’est-ce que c’est Simon Cowell va donner son parroquet (dans son testament)? L’argent, la maison?

Yeah (l’argent), no, he goes to the children.*

(cough) J’ai bu beaucoup de cafe….

You need WATER* (i.e. not coffee)

Avez-vous un oiseau?

No. (why not) they make noise*

(talking of cat) they live a long time


Pepper (cat)*

Un homme etait chez nous pour nous visiter et Badu et Honey sont entrees et l’homme a saute sur le sofa

Les chiens sont a votre mere et Zero est a vous………

and Pepper* (I was saying the small dogs are her mom’s and Zero is her dog and she added the cat, showing she understood that I was apportioning the animals out)

Vous avez peur des chiens?


Est-ce que vous voulez que j’ecrise plus de cette histoire sur Simon Cowell ou une nouvelle histoire?


Qui recoit un paquet?

Simon Cowell

At the end we discussed what she likes to do and what I’m trying to do and she responded sprightly to vocab review. The only thing good about this lesson on my part was that she finally was showing signs of contributing to a silly story. Anticipating what was to come, I never got a chance to capitalize on that but we went to picture files which turned out to be very promising.

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