Nyah’s Lesson Nov. 20, 2019 #

This is another story and she asks for clarifications but there is a lot of new vocabulary. She recalled ‘boue’ and she comprehended most but with so much new vocabulary, the percentage failed to reach an effective level for acquisition.

Nevertheless she responded to questions about the story

Qui fait les courses?

The queen*

Elles vont a Pizza Hut pour manger?

No.* (this is an example of how using English of a sort works toward comprehension because obviously the answer is no bc she hasn’t heard Pizza Hut in the story; nevertheless the other forms like vont, pour manger filter into the LAD)

Comment s’appelle le magasin?

Banana Republic*

Est-ce que la reine aime la jaquette?


Est-ce que Mme Barrett aime la jaquette?


Est-ce que la jaquette lui va bien?



Too big*

Qu’est-ce que la reine voit?

The pants*

The last 10 minutes we went over grammar, e.g. what does ‘le’ refer to? 

The jacket*

I gave her the information that only Madame is used, not mademoiselle anymore.

In essayez-la what does the la refer to?


What does it refer to?
The jacket

C’est trop grand

Too big*

She followed the complex grammar of the diffference between elle est jolie and la robe c’est joli pretty well.

Le pantalon vs the pants – see the difference?
Yeah but I don’t like it. (she freely offers her views on French language)

After all that, she admitted to being lost, saying she would not remember it. Powerful lesson for me.

Her final judgment was “my poor brain”

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