Nyah’s Lesson Dec. 28, 2019 #

I took my cat to the vet?
Pas aujourd’hui, hier.
Oh, yeah.*
*Is this the new one or the old one (story)
C’est completement nouveau.
You don’t want to talk about my cat?
Oui. le chat il est malade?
No. They said……..
Si les gens mangent beaucoup de protein, il y a des problems.
You eat a lot of protein.*

Je veux voir Les Petites Femmes

Little Women?*

Et qui est la femme?

I don’t remember*

C’est tres dangereux

Yeah, he dives this helicopter….*

J’ai fait quelque chose different

Oh, OK (decisively moving to prepare to write)*

Here I began showing picture files to her.

We joked about the exaggerated stories and she told me about her essays she had to rewrite. This explains how she got off track in attending. 

This discussion of movies and her cat went OK but there was a lot of non-comprehensible material so it was not a good learning occasion. 

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