Nyah’s Lesson Nov. 23, 2019 #

Nyah’s BirthdayShe said something in French and I missed recording it!

Here is the story again:

Deux personnes marchaient dans la foret. Sur le sentier il y avait un serpent. A! J’ai peur des serpents, a cri une des personnes. L’autre personne a dit, Moi, je le tue. Cette personne, qui etait un soldat, a sorti son pistolet. Bam~ Le serpent est mort.

I got her to read in French; she said ‘la foret’ and then said my soul doesn’t want to do it????
She went through pronouncing the French in the story from last lesson. She made faces and complained but laughed all the way through it. So I don’t think it created any problems for her because I presented it just as an exercise.
Her pronunciation was excellent. It was very frustrating for me the way she, like my students in school, deprecated her performance.
Then she translated the story as I spoke it.
The recording stopped at 19 minutes but we had been working before I started recording.
That is the last lesson for a while since she was getting her wisdom teeth out. The next lesson was Dec. 8, two weeks.

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