Nyah’s Lesson Dec. 11 #

Vous allez ecrire des notes.

Why do I have to take notes?*

She picked a gender neutral name for a character who was the object of a guy’s affections because she didn’t have enough information about the guy. Interesting and quite modern, quite generation Z.

Il se promene

he walks*

Je ne peux pas me marier avec vous parce que j’ai un copain.

Aaah. Ooooh.

il court chez lui  


Il veut toujours se marier.

Who? Rex or Alex?*

Deux minutes plus tard Ronald est mort.

Oh, no^

Vous venez ici pour dormir?

well, people learn a language in their sleep*

(this shows her maintenance of a sense of humor throughout the lesson)

moi je vous aime aussi

I love you too (but after a lot of struggle. When we move away from a flow of speech where she clearly understands as evinced by her responses, she bogs down in perfectionism)

Il se promene sur la plage


As we finished it became apparent that this was not working any better than the previous one. Too many new words, a strange story line, but she tried mightily to hang with it. 

deux minutes lui restent a vivre

of life*

ils se marient

they get married*

et apres


Ronald est mort

R is dead*

It was great and it was all oral, you couldn’t see it.

The next step will be to rewrite this in French.

We talked about another story. and she suggested a Christmas tree and we talked about decorating.

She was leaving on a trip. 

What does this mean? Il veut se marier

He wants to get married*

What level do you think that is?

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