Nyah’s Lesson Jan. 27, 2020 #

Long hiatus and we agreed on regular 5 day a week schedule.
The purpose today was for her to notice how much she knows and think about how she knows it.
This is my first attempt to use the PFs in a more complex way than previously. I had the prompt sentences printed out for her so she could read along as I spoke the words.
The first picture was of Kermit the Frog and I stated that he is not red, white, blue, etc but green. Then ‘Comment s’appelle l’animal?” and she responded in Eng ‘a frog.’ Then ‘Est-ce qu’il a un nom?”
What, she asked. so I said, “Comment s’appelle?””Oh, Kermit,” she said, and then, “Oh, what’s his name.” That is where she recognized the word ‘nom’.

Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans l’image qui est blanc?

The milk*

Qu’est-ce qu’on fait avec le lait?

Drink it.*

En francais, cet animal porte le nom de grenouille. Qu’est-ce que ca veut dire grenouille?


L’animal est…..?


Deux souris volent en avion [show PF of Mickey and Minnie Mouse). Comment ils s’appelle?

Mickey and Minnie*

Que la femme leur donne?


Vous vous souvenez de votre rencontre avec eux a Disneyland?

No*[souvenez was a new word but I may have had it up on the easel to point to. Rencontre she got]

Qui est cet homme?

(long pause)

Vous le reconnaissez?

Yeah, yeah…. 

Will Farrell

Yes, thank you.*

(It’s that sort of interaction that, IMHO, creates a pattern in the brain)

Dites-moi un film dans lequel il a eu un role.

Just one of them*

Elle est roi ou reine?

A queen*

Vous le connaissez?

Teddy (TR)

Est-ce qu’il est dans la montagne?

Yeah, with Abe. *(I had shown a photo of TR and then held  up a picture of Mount Rushmore)

Vous pouvez nommer tous les presidents? Comment ils s’appellent?

All of the them?*

Il etait jamais president? (PF of Ben Franklin)


Qui a perdu l’election? (HRC and Trump)


Cet homme est le chef de quel pays?

Kim Jung Il – North Korea * (recall we had just glossed ‘pays’ as ‘la nation’, so she had got a reminder just before this point – a perfect example of how input that is not targeted or programmed can provide occasions for acquiring)

(somewhere else I remarked how I kept stumbling over her age, that Churchill and Eisenhower were not known to her unless I said their names; she remembered Jimmy Carter only as a peanut farmer who became president and used it to comment on the superficiality of her education – “2 sentences in the textbook.” When she had no idea who Jesus was or the 3 kings, I realized I was in water over my head. Very secular. She wanted to know what movie it was from!!)

C’est hiver.


(Sometimes it’s hard to figure how she recalls some words, some we haven’t covered recently or not much. I was extremely pleased with this activity because it involved give and take, actual conversation and the negotiation of meaning)

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