An open letter to Clarence Thomas or If You Don’t Get Help…

You said of the S.C. decision today stating that federal law protests gay and transgendered people from discrimination in employment that when Congress wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964 they were not thinking about gays. And in 1787 when the framers met to write the Constitution, they were not thinking of you, that’s for damned sure, since most of them owned people like you. Nor were they thinking of landless Whites, nor of Native Americans, nor for goddamned sure of women. 

But what they wrote is called ‘the letter of the law’ and it says Congress may pass laws to provide for the general welfare and to regulate commerce. Equal protection comes in there somewhere and then there is always the elastic clause to cover everything else. IOW, Congress is to run the country via laws and the President to govern as the executioner of those laws. Boy, this really makes me excited to add to my reading list several books I have on the Constitution, not to mention the Constitution itself and attendant expositions on it.

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