Why did the DNC cede aggression against Trump to Republicans?

Recently we have seen a spate of highly effective and even vicious ads against Trump and Trumpers on the part of….. wait for it ……. a group of Republican Conservatives! The Lincoln Project – some Neo-Cons, semi-Libertarins, some others, many now ex-Republicans – has put out its most vicious and telling ad this weekend: “Trump supports the troops, just not our troops” – followed by images of Russian soldiers. 

Many years ago I wrote a check to the GOP here  in AZ because I wanted to hear Tony Brown speak. The fact that it was a Black Republicans group didn’t ease my pain. Now I am faced with asking myself why we are sending donation after donation to the Dems instead of to the Lincoln Project while Tom Perez seeks out Trump voters to ask them to play nice. Maybe Mitch McConnell will give us a shot at kicking the football this fall – ya think?

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