A few Trump goals met

A U.S. border sealed tight? Check. Canada no longer lets Americans cross over into their country. The Canadians are not worried we’ll rape their women but that we’ll give them the Virus.

Big time support for the troops? Check. An ad from the Lincoln Project says Trump does support the troops, they are just not our troops. Then they show films of Russian soldiers and Putin.

Turn states red? Check. Arizona and many other states are indeed deep red…… on maps of the case numbers of Corona virus. Otherwise, we’re looking pretty blue for the Senate as well as the Presidency.

Corner the market and beat out those nasty countries who don’t like us? Check. We are buying up all the doses of a medicine that reduces the time the Corona virus debilitates the patient. No one else on the planet can get it and I, personally, would not be surprised if Trump got the CDC to dispense it only to his friends. Remember FOB? Friends of Bill? This is FOT, which turns out to be the British Received Standard pronunciation of fart.

I’ll come back when I see more of Trump winning.

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