The Tale of Little Katie Miller

The excerpt Maddow published on the show quoted Miller as telling Soboroff: “My family and colleagues told me that when I have kids I’ll think about the separations differently. But I don’t think so … DHS sent me to the border to see the separations for myself — to try to make me more compassionate — but it didn’t work.”

Soboroff wrote: “‘It didn’t work? I will never forget what I saw. Seriously. Are you a white nationalist?’ I asked, exasperated.”

Miller responded: “No, but I believe if you come to America you should assimilate. Why do we need to have ‘Little Havana’?

More about this child. She married Steven Miller in February. He is the mastermind behind Trump’s racist anti-immigrant policy. She and Miller are expecting their first child and I wonder if the hospital might tell her, “We are so sorry, but with all this Corona Virus mess, well…. we can’t find your baby. We don’t know where it is.” 

OK. We liberals aren’t supposed to become like Republicans, are we? So let’s just slip a note to her in the hospital warning her that the Hispanic nurse tending the baby had a relative come to our border and lose their kids to DHS

Why are such people unmoved? Why do Trumpers see no tragedy in separate toddlers from their mommies? Think back to the movie, Twelve Years a Slave, where a distraught Eliza is told by the mistress of the plantation that she will forget the children sold away from her. Those are the people we are dealing with, people for whom non-Whites are not “normal” people with “normal” feelings. To be normal, in their minds, you have to be White. Old way of thinking? How about Chief Gates of L.A. who remarked that African-Americans are more susceptible to death from a choke hold than “normal” people. 

Jews do not let the Holocaust slide into the great American memory hole; neither should Hispanics allow anyone to forget this nightmare nor the unfathomable cruelty behind it.

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