A very partial scandal list

Rachel Maddow made a short list of Trump scandals to show how quickly we forget. One just nudges the last one out until we have a long string of unforgettable and unforgivable scandals, except we do forget them and we tend to not so much forgive them as “move on.” How I hate that expression. It should lie in the same shallow grave as Get over it, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, shape up or ship out, etc. Tough guy talk.
Here is the list:
Campaign chair in prison.
Deputy campaign chair in prison.
Charity shut down as a scam. His kids can’t go near a charity.
Trump University shut down as a scam and he had to pay out $25,000,000 in fines.
He was impeached by the House and then went after witnesses against him.
He changed the location of the new FBI building to benefit his hotel.
His sister resigned a life-long appointment to the Federal bench to avoid having her finances looked into.
Various secretaries of this or that, Cabinet members, Administration chiefs of staff, National Security people, White House advisors have all run away screaming.
He urged people to take an untested and dangerous drug as a cure against the virus. Then he recommend injecting bleach and other cleansers to purify the body of the virus.
He appointed Alex Acosta Secretary of Labor after Acosta got a sweet-heart deal for Jeffrey Epstein, pimp and solicitor of young, teen-age girls serving powerful men.

He appointed a wedding planner over housing in the northeast sector.

He ignored credible reports from intelligence services that Russia was paying bounty for dead American soldiers. His Defense secretary denied knowledge until ‘bounty’ was changed to ‘payments.’

He asked the U.S. postal service to raise postal rates on Bezos’ Amazon business because Bezos owned the Washington Post, a paper whose treatment of him Trump did not like.

He has fired numerous Inspectors General, persons designated as watch dogs.

He wanted the G7 meeting at his Mar Lago club.

He tried to get Russia back into the G7.

His wife’s jewelry line appears with a trademark on the White House web site.

He thought Frederick Douglas was still alive.

He thought a bronze of a cowboy on a bucking bronco was Teddy Roosevelt.

He took an unexplained trip to Walter Reed Hospital. 

He took a weather map and changed with a Sharpie the direction of a dangerous storm to fit his bumbling narrative.

I don’t think Rachel mentioned the toddlers in cages at the border, which is strange, since her reaction on her show when the bulletin describing that action was one of the most dramatic things I have ever seen. Maybe she did mention it or just thought it too obvious or too horrible to include.

There are so many more.


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