The Final Chapter? and Where Do They Come From?

Communist take-overs, Fascist take-overs, we’ve seen them all and now we can sit comfortably in our living rooms and watch it happen here.
It’s just in Portland? There is everywhere. The question is where do we get federal law enforcement officers willing to trample on our Constitution?
The answer is: in every high school. Teachers can identify the types: bullies, conspiracy buffs, militarists, super patriots, gun nuts, rigid, linear thinkers, authoritarians, Manichaeans, and assorted alienated disaffected types. Most of these normalize as they mature but some get swept up in an authoritarian ethos. Most of those do not have the stability or ability to make it through boot camp and on into law enforcement training, but a lot do. Once they fall into that authoritarian ethos, that ethos is reinforced because all along the way they not only encounter others like themselves as recruits but the trainers and mentors are of that same mentality. That mentality allows them to transform their willingness to transgress the Constitution and lines of authority like civilian control into duty and duty overrides institutional authority. This is why William Barr can shred the Constitution, because he sees it as his duty to save the country from itself.

So…… when Biden takes up the mantel, he needs first to fire the heads of all agencies whose chiefs do not leave with Trump. He replaces them with proven law enforcement professionals who have straightened their forces, e.g. the Marine Corps Commandant who restricted Confederate flags from Marine bases and numerous police chiefs who have cleaned house. Then begins the slow process of cleaning house in federal law enforcement agencies by setting firm guidelines. Guidelines rather than rules because many professionals who believe Communist agents are still at work in the U.S. otherwise do their jobs professionally and do not see it as their duty to suppress the right to peaceful protest even though they may believe the protesters to be Communists.

The problem is not in the training, it is in the recruiting. In addition, police unions have made it difficult to change this mentality because the union officials are clearly of this authoritarian and Manichaean mentality. But with leadership, true law enforcement professionals will feel empowered to challenge these people no matter how entrenched they are and the spirit of law enforcement in this country can shift from slavery patrollers and militias to true keepers of public order.


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    I was amazed to hear that the Confederate Battle Flag had been banned from military bases! Not for the banning, but for the fact that it had EVER been permitted. And not because of the racist implications, but that our bases would fly a flag that represented forces AGAINST the union.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      My son would like to know if you pay anything for my site/blog at Word Press. He would like to get set up with it to do Power Point stuff for his remote classroom work. He says Go Daddy and others charge a bit.

  2. Pat Barrett says:

    The observation has been made that the Confederacy was born in 1865. – Jon Meachem and others.

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