What Are They Clapping For?

Trump held a “press conference” at his country club and a reporter (the A.M. Joy host Zerlina Maxwell noted they were all females) kept pressing Trump, no doubt emboldened by Jonathan Swan’s spectacular interview with Trump. Finally, when she would not stop, Trump shushed her. You could hear clapping and cheering in the background when he did that. Later, the cameras showed that group and they were the people (1 Black, women?) doing the cheering: they were the men who had ponied up a couple of hundred thousand for membership and an invite.

Now most of us would think the cheering akin to the rallies when Trump talked trash about Mexicans and liberal judges and Hillary Clinton, Trump socking it to people the rally-goers hate. I don’t think so. I believe what they were cheering was the assertion of authority. His wealthy followers are authoritarians, people who seek dominance. A pillar of dominance is authoritarianism, the willingness of people to dominate others and to knuckle under to those they deem superior. To them, that is how the world works. Eat or be eaten, f*** them first before they f*** you.

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