Donald Trump wants to believe he matters……..

That is a line in John Dean and Bob Altemeyer’s new book on Trump, “Authoritarian Nightmare.” After doing a decent job of outlining Trump’s childhood, this summation occurs and it jibes nicely with Mary Trump’s book on her uncle that came out a bit too late to be included in this book. This book contains so many references to events that have just occurred that it might excuse the more editing. The essence of these early pages is that Trump was emotionally neglected to the point of totally deforming his personality into the full-blown disorder it is now. The three parts I believe created Trump were his mother’s distancing from him, his father’s unending demands without reward, and the example of his older brother dominating his father’s attention until he began failing in the father’s eyes (that was Fred Jr. or Freddy, Mary Trump’s father).

It is too bad not enough people heed the words of so many wise persons who tell us that those early childhood experiences, at 2, 3 years old and on up into latency give us the teenager. Now we have the old man, not having learned a thing or grown an inch, the way all personality disorders are stunted. The question is, who the hell would vote for someone like that? THAT is the question.

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