From here? Straight down or straight up?

The HVAC guy was over today, a guy in his 50s, who casually mentioned Obama’s foreign birth and a few other Fox News hunks of bullshit, all stated in a friendly way, not meant to argue. What showed a sorry state was that he threw these things out in a general way, just the usual belly-aching about high taxes, high unemployment, and the lack of imagination displayed in the new cars this year.
The man, clearly a nice man with little education, would need to begin again…. in fifth grade, to catch up to the world as is. Instead, he relies on Fox and god knows what other “news outlets” designed to get him to vote Republican. To point out that George Romney has been deemed eligible for the presidency by numerous experts because his parents were Americans when he was born in Mexico; that John McCain was eligible because he was born on an American military base in Panama for god’s sake to American parents; that Ted Cruz was eligible because his mother was an American who had moved to Canada; but Obama was ineligible because he is Black though born in Hawaii, as U.S. according to latest information…… to point all this out achieves nothing. My HVAC guy will just move on to a more fruitful fishing expedition to find “common ground.” I don’t think so.

Multiply this person by several million. They think they know. Their ignorance is in the abyss. They see anyone bringing out facts and evidence and data as trying to trick them. Trick them out of what? Out of their cherished beliefs. That is what makes a conservative.

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