Flotsam and jetsam of the great GOP foundering

As pieces of reality float by, I grasp at one after the other, hoping to find one large enough and stable enough to carry me through to the end of this god-awful presidential…. no, monstrous term in office,,,,, no, on the golf course.
I phone bank 6 hours a week. I’ll bet there are people who think I do that either because I like to (I don’t) or because I am a fanatic (I’m not). I do relish watching the GOP try to right itself only to capsize again under the weight of those Trumpers they refuse to dump overboard and hit on the head with a paddle.
Eventually, they might build a raft designed for sanity that will carry conservative minded persons to shore where they will off-load their integrity, civility, common sense and patriotism, put those in a pile and build a party on it. We’ll see.

Oct. 23, 2020 As the end nears, that video of Biden hugging the distraught boy got beyond my concerns for our institution, our alliances, our economy and all the rest of what holds a democracy together and went straight to what holds people anywhere together. Even in an oppressive dictatorship, human decency and love hold us together. That moment showed so clearly what we have lost as millions of our fellow citizens buy into the vilest, most destructive hate-mongering we have seen since George Wallace and Patrick Buchanan. At least those two had a coherent agenda; we’ve lacked even that for the last four years. We are in for another two to three years of the Corona virus; who will lead us through those years? The very fact that the election outcome teeters on the edge in several states pulls away any pretense that good people live among us………… no, in some contexts even Trumpers love their families but they are OK with families at the border being viciously torn apart the way we saw it happen in Sophie’s Choice. Sophie finally killed herself. I don’t want to see America kill itself over what we could become in another four years under Trump.

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