What is a conservative?

Someone who wants to conserve things the way they are. Why does he want to do that? Because he is comfortable with that way and perhaps profits from that way of doing things.
Why do people want to change things? Because they are unhappy with the effects on them of the way things are. Conservatives wish to deny them a voice and agency so that they cannot change what conservatives want to preserve.
Should you disagree with a conservative, he will assure you he is only expressing his god’s will and if you disagree with him you are disagreeing with god (which he will state in terms of the natural order, natural law, universal rights, and so on, so the only thing our founders accomplished in keeping religion out of government is to force conservatives to change their terminology. (Read early writings of Americans from the 17th and 18th centuries where religious based principles were taken for granted).
So at bottom it is quite simple: conservatives want to keep things that benefit them the way they are and liberals want to solve problems that affect the public and are open to remedies for specific groups like workers, minorities, women, the handicapped, etc.

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  1. Sandra says:

    to 25 OCT 2020 blog (this date 5 Sept. 2021

    A conservative IS:
    — NOT conserving the Environment
    — NOT conserving the well-fare of ALL the people
    — NOT conserving , NOT embolding any type of justice..
    . . . . now I Highlight Pat’s points – by writing of 6th chapter of a Book I’m reading
    telling of the Biased HISTORY of Scotus —

    chapter 5 Suffering in Silence- on the Unacknowledged Paradox and False Paradigm (s) of gov’t , epigenetics Horrors of their (NOT>) scientific study

    … then the Pinnacle of Disgust – chapter 6 * we hold these truths * (interesting Mary brought ‘divine fate’ into this chapter, It was of course, IMO, the proper place to put it.
    as america has Allowed scotus AND the gop sinate to be as gods. they both convinced that material wealth was the most obvious sign of god’s mercy.
    part on the history of the S. COURT … details from
    OliverWendallHolmes – 1861 asso. justice
    word ‘justice’ is largest Misnomer in history of scotus)

    and the tyranny of 1857 — justice Roger Taney, what was done to the 13th, 14th, 15th amendment under those years of rulings. How “reconstruction” (Another UNtrue happening) reconstruction was Cruelest of jokes ON Blacks & Indians.

    I am most familiar personally (Being raised in Detroit Michigan) on the 1974 case Milliken v. Bradley on segregation v- Integration in SCHOOLS, j.Warren Burger , scotus at the time. THIS BURGER NON-justice, said with his vote — “could Not use Race to INTEGRATE schools in Detroit, Because — segregation was made by “Societal” discrimination , NOT traceable to gov’t actions ”

    ~ ~ “Our Nation I fear, will be Ill served by the courts (burger) refusal to remedy separe and EQUAL education,
    there is Little hope OUR PEOPLE WILL EVER Learn to LIVE TOGETHER. “”

    and yes Again 30 yrs. later , conservaTIVES held up Burger’s vote in 2005 when just– john roberts joined the 1974 last and that Schools in Louisville, & Seattle could NOT use Race to desegregate schools.

    This misrepresentation of our racial / scotus History, these indeed Willful Blindness, became and stood for consensus view of american jurisprudence.
    (another UNtruth in word form ‘jurisprudence’ …. should be
    ‘organized lawLESSness’

    this scotus – “court” can NO LONGER be worthy of Our trust.
    Not since tRmp’s placements:
    8 years, Obama able to place 2 jurists.
    4 yrs. trmp placed 3 , tipping the Scales to the degree of Crimes to Humanity.

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