What is a conservative?

Someone who wants to conserve things the way they are. Why does he want to do that? Because he is comfortable with that way and perhaps profits from that way of doing things.
Why do people want to change things? Because they are unhappy with the effects on them of the way things are. Conservatives wish to deny them a voice and agency so that they cannot change what conservatives want to preserve.
Should you disagree with a conservative, he will assure you he is only expressing his god’s will and if you disagree with him you are disagreeing with god (which he will state in terms of the natural order, natural law, universal rights, and so on, so the only thing our founders accomplished in keeping religion out of government is to force conservatives to change their terminology. (Read early writings of Americans from the 17th and 18th centuries where religious based principles were taken for granted).
So at bottom it is quite simple: conservatives want to keep things that benefit them the way they are and liberals want to solve problems that affect the public and are open to remedies for specific groups like workers, minorities, women, the handicapped, etc.

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