Role Reversal

With the election upon us, I’ll post this list of reversals, things the conservatives accused liberals of that have proved to be true of them, not us. Some things, like states rights, will prove to neutralize conservative efforts to control us.

States rights – turn around is fair play. When the overwhelmingly Catholic SCOTUS declares abortion illegal, some states will exercise their right to pass laws protecting abortion rights.

Conservatives used to say Obama did not understand America. Now who does not understand America, turning us into a thuggish police state complete with unmarked SUVs herding innocent people to jail and beating peaceful protesters? Fortunately, the Oregon Atty-Gen’l says they can ID the individual Federal Marshalls who beat up a Navy vet, graduate of Annapolis.
It is the Trumpers who do not understand America. The America Obama did not “understand” was THEIR America, the America of overt racism and hostility to civil rights. The thugs they conjured up to scare White voters into voting Republican are now real thugs, the federal police they always feared. Tonight they are turning on fellow citizens of BLM; tomorrow they will go after Republicans suspected of disloyalty to Trump.

And the conservatives did not want immigrants coming here. Now we cannot go there.

Local control of schools but federal programs tied to federal money turning our schools into test prep factories and consigning poor kids to dead end education.

Populist vox populi but suppressing the vote. What the populist fools don’t understand is that they are next; no Federalist Society members want the populi to vote, White or Black, immigrant or poor.

Foreigners invading our country was the big fear of conservatives and Trump simply invited the Russians into the Oval Office.

Fox News regaled its aging White viewership with images of Black thugs. Now who is the thug? Note how the feds play a role for the cameras. Congressional investigations will turn up a participant who will tell of instructions to do just that, to look around for enemies like they are in Afghanistan, to hold their weapons high as if to ward off blows. Fox will not play the phalanx of moms but will search for that one guy who broke a window and show him over and over. The tear gas makes the demonstrators’ image look a bit vague so they can be labeled a mob.

Compare and contrast: family man…….  Reagan, Trump/Obama, Bush

Obama always on vacation or playing golf. Cf. Trump. Plus Trump’s outings cost millions to the taxpayer

Scandals: Obama – Kamala Harris “is a looker” /Trump – “women let me grab them by the pussy b/c I’m famous”; Obama wore a tan suit/Trump’s porn actress toy for the night described his “tighty whities”


Victimhood – Obama was supposed to have been leading The Blacks in claiming victimhood to get bigger welfare checks (Oh, PLEASE don’t tell  me that that is not what about 30% of White people in this country believe). Yet here is Trump, Oh poor me! The Original People of ‘Merica (White folks) are the TRUE victims. Victims of affirmative action, unrestricted (UNRESTRICTED, I tell you!) immigration, having to dial 1 for English and other horrors. The truth is, of course, they are victims…. of wage stagnation engineered by corporations and law makers in their pockets, of pollution they do not understand and which corporations are permitted to inflict on them as long as they fund anti-abortion groups, of union busting which deprives them of a voice in the economy, of laws guaranteed to support the land owner and landlord over the tenants, of relaxed fraud laws to permit Reverend Billy Bob to fleece them, of TV writers who perpetuate myths about the Old West and terrorists to scare them, and on and on.

Death panels were the whole point of the Affordable Care Act – kill off the elderly! So now whose denial, indifference and incompetence is killing off the elderly? Trump’s. I heard about half of the deaths occur among the elderly. Defining elderly as over 65 (I’m 79 but still consider myself middle-aged), 80% of COVID deaths in the U.S. occur there; starting at 75 it’s 60%; 85 and over it’s 33%. At least under Obama you had to go before a panel before they pushed your wheelchair with you in it over the cliff.

Update on that: now doctors in COVID-rich areas are looking at triage, assigning younger people to ICU beds and respirators and allowing older and compromised people to die. Death panels. Two bad the fools who were mesmerized by your big tits lived to vote for Trump.



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