What’s on YOUR internet?

I guess browser is the proper word. Anyway, in the face of trolls and internet racists we can find really nice things on the internet. I like The Upworthiest, a collection of articles and videos showing people being nice to kittens, of police officers conducting elderly Black ladies across the street while keeping their guns holstered, teachers who like their students no matter their test scores, and many more.
What frightens us is the same sort of thing we’ve seen for years among young people: deaths heads, skulls, skull and bones, bloody body parts, eyeballs hanging out of their sockets, and truckers’ mudflaps in the form of women they have never known and never will know.
So who is winning? The NYRB has an article that explains how the bad stuff won. I haven’t finished it but my interest is high because of what comes after what appears to be Trump’s inevitable loss.
Stay tuned.

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