Slicing carefullly what commentators say

A while back, around 2018, I took Tucker Carlson to task (I hear he was devastated on reading my blog) for saying that demographic change will turn Texas blue and along with CA the presidency will be forever out of reach for the GOP. My criticism of Carlson was along the lines of his essentialism, viz. that Mexican-Americans will always vote Democratic because they are minorities and in Tucker’s mind “those minorities” always want free stuff, as Romney would say.
The fallacy in dear Tucker’s thinking is that the GOP can never do anything to get more Hispanic votes in Texas. That may be so revealing in that he thinks that what appeals to Hispanics is free stuff and Republicans are too righteous to stoop that low…… unless you are a corporation.
Today, Willi Geist said something similar yet different. It fell in the context of pointing out how George W. won over 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004. The idea was that why can’t the GOP do whatever George was doing? But if the GOP does not get Hispanic votes back, then, yes, Texas will turn blue due in part to the votes of a population that is continually demonized on the right.

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