FDR finesses Pearl Harbor a la Trump

We are often reminded that the Corona Virus is an assault on America, every bit as serious as 9/11. The death rate is climbing to over 250,000 as I write this (Nov. 21, 2020). WW II military deaths for the U.S. wound up at 416, 800. Pretty serious.

Now what if FDR had handled Pearl Harbor the way Trump has handled COVID? First, he would have said there was no attack. Then he would have said only a few bombs fell. Then he would have said the bombs were only bombing practice by the U.S. Then he would have progressed to, OK, there was an attack but the Japanese fleet got confused in the fog and had meant to attack China. Then, asked to explain the Japanese claim of victory over the Americans, he would claim to have a very close relationship to the great leader, Hirohito. Then he would calm everyone down by pointing out the Hirohito had told him it was the Chinese who had attacked Pearl Harbor. And Trump would have explained his misunderstanding by declaring they all look alike anyway.

Then the Japanese navy would have had a clear run over the whole Pacific.

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