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Honor was lacking. Biden will tsk tsk us for saying a lack of honor was the principle in the Trump administration and in the Trump GOP. Republican stalwarts will take umbrage when they hear they lack honor. Scholars will question whether we can truly make such a judgment in the face of history. Appeasers will tell us it is too harsh to say it all came down to a lack of honor. And when the new candidates for the GOP take the field, they will label as hysterics those who bring up honor. Young people will consider it an old-fashion virtue. But there will be those who know and at a deeper level they will be recognized as oases wherever they appear to reinstate honor.

Which brings us to our so-called “Republican friends.” That’s the origin of the motto, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

The nation is divided as often before. At the end of the Civil War Lincoln extended the hand of reconciliation, conciliation, friendship, and got shot. Has anyone seen anything on the Republican side that would suggest any hope of conciliation, compromise, reason even? Try Gohmert, McConnell, Jordan, Gaudy, anybody? Oh yeah, Collins who will remain concerned as Democrats are taken out and shot and Romney who will invoke decency and values but will not live by them.

If Biden follows through on his plan to get together with his old buddies in the Senate and work things out, he’ll find a big stick shoved up his ass. That’s where Harris can be of invaluable service as she finds ways to fuck the Republicans.


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    Lack of honor, or lack of honesty?

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