Nyah’s lesson #1 June 25, 2018

I am writing this up 8 months after the event and will reference subsequent developments.
We went over the principles, incl. signs, comprehension checks via show of fingers, use of English, 30 minute sessions, good posture and don’t bring the dog who bit me on both arms causing a flow of blood (He’s being trained)
As I listen to this I realize that starting with il y a, est-ce, chez, etc. was a good move. Because she and her mom have several dogs and a cat and we have a dog, we started referring to them.
I realize that at this point I am assuming a little knowledge of tprs on the part of the reader, so comment on a need for info and I’ll put into the tprs category some write-ups on tprs.
I introduced ‘sot’ for silly and recently found out it is not used much anymore.
My structure was predicate nominative e.g. “Zero est un chien.”
One of the admonishments of tprs is that students will continue struggling with questions words so a chart left up would help. That turned out to be true of Nyah.
So we quickly got to “Est-ce qu’il y a un chien chez vous with full comprehension.
In this first lesson she went along nicely with coming up with gestures to match words. We injected humor about things like how we drew my wife, sa grand-mere. Foreshadowing one of her main strengths was her question about ‘grand-pere’ and ‘chez vous’, asking if they meant the same and she pursued that until she understood. This characterizes our lessons from here on in. I did not record lessons again until Sept. 24, 2018, lesson #46, but I made notes on all of them.

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