Listen To Donny Deutsch!

On Morning Joe on Dec. 7, 2020, Donny Deutsch made an extremely clear statement. Joe passed over it because I believe he still has trouble admitting how racist the country is.
Deutsch is an interesting choice for a bearer of bad tidings. He is a NYC branding specialist and man about town. No political background, no academic background, but what every marketing specialist must have: his finger on the pulse of the people.
Donny says that when you look at the people at Trump’s rallies, especially in this post-election period, you see people who are not there about trade relations nor environmental impact nor money policy at the Fed; they are all about keeping America White.
They are driven by fear that Whites will no longer be not just the majority but the dominant force in the country.
THIS is true identity politics. Even many liberals abjure identity politics as if the progress for ethnic minorities and others (immigrants, women, gays) in the 60s has become a bit cloying like too much baklava, and it’s time to move on. To what? How do you overcome White identity politics when Whites still dominate government, the military, business, and the media?

This needs more exploration but I just needed to respond to Donny Deutsch’s declaration of truth about America.

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