One Student’s Reaction to Acquisition

My student in Spanish introduced me (via Zoom) to her former student, an impressive young man majoring in linguistics. Talking about our lessons, she mention several of her reactions, similar to what I’ve recorded from her before.
One thing was she had no idea it would take so long to learn the language. We’ve been zooming regularly for one half hour five days a week since late June, so six months. It will be interesting to compare her progress to my granddaughter’s at this point since both will have put in about the same number of hours of instruction. (see tprs update for what I am doing to get all her lessons on this blog). I reiterated that one of the top TPRS/CI teachers said it is toward the end of the first full year, that’s about 130 hours of instruction in a year. If we are at 60 hours now and can reach 120 hours by summer, she may be emitting Spanish spontaneously by then. (that is no fluent conversation but more likely full responses to questions).
Then she said the pictures I use bind the meaning of the word for her. She sees the picture and has the word. It’s not that I have a picture for every word, more like one for a situation e.g. a camp site or a character. The pictures act as an anchor for the meaning. She is beset by the need to be right and almost every time she hesitates in a response, the one she finally comes out with is right. “Trust the Force,” I say to her, i.e. trust the LAD.
BTW, I will continue blogging under TPRS but my method is more broadly CI.
If you follow my lessons with my granddaughter, Nyah, you will see where I deviate and then eventually move away from strict TPRS. With my granddaughter I used props like large diagrammatic maps of places that I can’t use easily with Zoom. Once my student and I can start meeting,, I can do more of those things…….. but, as I write this, I’m beginning to think of some things I can do with Zoom.

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