Bring your bullhorn to Trader Joe’s

Anti-maskers showed up at a Trader Joe’s to demand entry sans mask. The manager said no. They argued, saying they were there just to shop, not demonstrate, but one of their number had a bullhorn. I always take my bullhorn to Trader Joe’s when I shop.
On a serious note, the protestors used a number of phrases from the civil rights movement and civil rights law. This is what sticks in the Trumpers’ craw, that minorities demanded equal access to public accommodations and services; they don’t understand why their neighborhood stores cannot bar Blacks and even why their neighborhood can’t bar Blacks from moving in. They feel their rights are being trampled on, especially when we liberals call their rights White privilege. How can it be a privilege when they are White, after all; aren’t White people the original people of the United States and so take priority in all things? It just makes sense. It just is.

These morons cited non-existent laws and ordinances, which is exactly what they hear minorities doing to assert their rights and so they either want to claim their rights aka privileges or mock civil rights protestors who they see as interlopers and trouble makers. To Trumpers and their ilk, there is no such thing as peaceful protest if the protest is in favor of rights for minorities. Trumpers do not believe immigrants have rights, even after naturalization into citizenship, nor that Blacks have any justifiable complaints when they get all the welfare they want. 

We are long past judging rhetoric like mine above as over the top or exaggerated or one-sided; judicious approaches to Trumpers have resulted in the events of Jan. 6. 

Oh, one last thing. What are Trumpers doing shopping at Trader Joe’s anyway? Isn’t Trader Joe’s one of those liberal, globalist, tree-hugger, internationalist, world domination by socialism type places?

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