Another What if….?

What if we had hanged the leaders of the Confederacy? Would Reconstruction have continued? Would Blacks in the South continue living under “slavery by another name” for another hundred years………. and counting? And would creeping Southernization have poisoned the rest of the country?
We have another chance, believe it or not, because we now have the heirs to the Confederacy, the GOP, to hang. Or, being a liberal and therefore tending toward mercy, let’s just pull 10 or 15 thousand drug offenders out of prison and put Republicans in there instead.
Now let’s see what happens.
Because if we allow these perverted people,, who do not know the Constitution and the norms of a democratic society, to sustain themselves on their media outlets and fat-cat donors, they will instantiate a Confederacy inside our democracy, just like they did 155 years ago.

I just listened to Connie Schultz, Senator Sherrod Brown’s wife, a major political figure herself, reveal her own difficulty in speaking of the rioters in the Capitol since her own husband, as a Democratic lawmaker, was targeted for assassination by the mob. We should all feel threatened because the entire Republican Party has taken the stand that an election loss is evidence of treasonous activity to be resisted by any means necessary. GOP senators like Lindsey Graham have threatened Democrats if they go through with a remedy provided by the Constitution, impeachment. What more do we need?


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