How are those leeches workin’ for ya?

We need to revamp our concepts of just desserts. For example, when Todd Aikens said, “Doctors tell me that women have a way of shutting that down,” (a pregnancy caused by rape), we could do this. Like all conservatives, he invokes authority. People like Aikens retort by saying so do liberals by invoking scientists; no, we invoke science, not scientists. Moreover, science comes right out and tells you it is always evolving (unlike conservatives) and things could change – stay tuned.
So who are these “doctors?” Is it two, four hundred? Do they live in London or Missouri? It turns out they don’t – live, I mean. They did live, five hundred years ago. That was when doctors tried cures based on reasoning we recognize as spurious. Good practice and experience were the best indicators of a doctor worth consulting, but generally doctors relied on what strikes us a curious theorizing about maladies and their cures.

So, go ahead and vote for Aiken. However, both you and he must submit to treatments based on 16th century medicine, none of this new-fangled stuff. Frogs’ eyes, not penicillin.

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