What there is pattern, there is intention

When artists bypass rules and structures, their work can sound chaotic to anyone expecting the traditional patterns of rhyme, harmony, rhythm, tone, pitch, scale, mode, etc. However, if a pattern emerges, there are two reactions: one is to discard any interest in discerning how the piece is structured so as to present a perceived pattern and the other is to investigate the source of the pattern.
Both approaches are valid. Just enjoy it or enjoy but investigate. For the last word some say “analyze;” but analyze has ugly connotations for some, connotations of destroying the perception by breaking it up. For others, the investigation heightens enjoyment by discerning the underlying thought and intentions that go into the creative process.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I Am That Girl > > >

    the investigation Heightens enjoyment by discerning the Underlying Thought and
    intentions AND HEART THUMPING TEMPO that go into the creative process.

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