Whence the anger?

Americans carry beneath their Hail Fellow Well Met exterior a lot of anger. You can see it when you are out driving. But where does that anger come from?
Could it be from the competitiveness of our society? How about the Evangelicals? Why are they so angry? Well, the popular culture makes fun of them. Ever since their humiliation in 1927 at the Scopes Trial when they went underground, they have been the butt of jokes, from the corny Southern accents of their pastors and the hypocrisy of those same pastors (Jerry Falwell, Jr. gave new meaning to the word trinity), their bible thumping and shouting makes them the laughing stock of many movies. That is why I urge people to see the movie The Apostle, which displays this culture in all its craziness and depth of faith most of us do not understand, the faith of the sinner redeemed, at least for now.

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