(Re)Starting Harry Potter

So I’ve started. I’ve read the first page of Harry Potter book the first first in English, then in Spanish, then in Russian, then in French, then in Latin, then in Urdu and then in Greek. By the time I get to Greek I’m in over my head. But I’m determined to simply read Harry Potter, no notes, no looking up, no analyzing.

May 10, 2021 When I looked to see where I had left off in H.P., I saw it was May 10 but 2020! Coincidence. My first foray and very enjoyable. Sadly, I can’t seem just to read but have to make notes, keep track of vocabulary, note what I call Boiler Plate, frases hechas or set phrases, idioms, in short, all the things you are not supposed to do but I love doing it.

I am at that first day in class at Hogwarts. I started with the Italian only because that is the first book that came to hand. I’ve decided to order the Spanish even though I’ve already read it; I gave my copy to a little boy who was very enthused about it.

I left off due to teaching my granddaughter French. She stopped after about two years, although the last six months were desultory and she did not quite reach the point of production. However, it paid off because while she is taking Korean now, she is interested in taking French, too. Now that COVID is easing and she’ll be able to wander around campus, she may meet French speakers or at least Francophone students. Meanwhile, I have to learn to read Korean to help her. The truth to tell I don’t think she’ll need much help because she is a very good student, making the Dean’s List again at The Ohio State U. Nice.

And no, I don’t intend to get a copy of H.P. in Korean.

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