Current Health of Me

Since my last post to this topic I have been on a very steady exercise program, actually two programs, one CORE I do at home and one in the gym primarily with weights. The results have been excellent.

However, my PCP decided to refer me to a heart doctor who found some problems. After several tests (stress echo, CT scan) he wanted me to have an angiogram. The doctor he offered is my wife’s heart doctor. He did the angiogram and the results were good, no problems, just exercise, stay on his diet, and take the meds.

Note I said “his” diet. I had been complaining that the other two doctors gave vague diet advice but nothing specific. This latest guy was real specific: no meat, period. Plant-based. AND, importantly, he gave me 3 websites to go to. I’ve only seen the first one and already the diet is going very well and I am happy with it. I am transitioning, finishing up the bacon and eggs and butter I had bought, but for the most part it is veggies.

I had asked the first heart doctor if anything we were discussing would interfere with my exercises and he said no. As long as I felt no pain, shortness of breath  or any other symptoms, I was fine to continue exercising.

I asked the second heart doctor how all this starts and he said blood pressure. That’s how he gave me the diet.

I am hoping my follow-up appointment in June will end all this. I will get blood work done and I hope there will be no out-of-range-of-normal results.

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