Nicolle Wallace, host, moderates as Matt Dowd and Eddie Glaude reflect on the testimony of Capitol Police Officer during the Jan. 6 Insurrection hearings.
Nothing could surpass this. It needs to be played in every school history and civics class. Those people on Jan. 6 WERE US, the rioters, the police officers, the Congress people. Dowd makes it clear that one third of this country has never liked democracy and believes in all its heart with White, heterosexual male, Christian supremacy. How do you breathe under all that? Eddie Glaude addresses it.
None of the sites I go to can give me a copy I could put into an e-mail and send to friends.

Later – I did find it and sent it to friends. Here’s another blog post related to this:…m-in-the-country/ ‎


  1. Sandra Verbe says:

    Pat ~
    while searching for the same Excellence that MATT DOWD spoke on july 27th with Nicolle Wallace… to PUT word for word into an e-mail to someone …… I came across your note.
    If I cannot find transcript already in print of MATT DOWD’s entire Accuracy of Statistics, Facts and Feelings of the 1/3 ……. I SHALL GO ABOUT TRANSCRIBING MY RECORDED (verbal) version of Matt on that day ….. (I’ve transcribed tremendous amount of dialog before .. (not easy at all but VALUABLE) And this Matt Dowd perspective & facts. Are Well Worth it.
    If you’d care for me to send you a copy. Let me know ….. I do not know as yet how this, your web site is interacted with……

  2. Sandra says:

    I just got into reading the Link from ddLine WhtHs 2018 April
    while the McCain /P involvement was convoluted Only to Me, I suspect. . . and I had to look up the word “fidelitist ” because while you said it was New Word to You, you did not share the defin. with your readers….. So fitting in the word “loyalist”…. made more sense.

    I’m not sure where McCain’s ? words began, and I think, maybe You and I will be saying the same thing 3 years and 4 months later than (??

    BUT in view of january 6th – – – – – – I vehemently DISagree with what was said
    in april “2018”
    McCain in 2018 was saying The Oaths Were Being Kept …
    (sv) THAT has NOT been true for IONS, by the goP-ers……

    since I canNot underline in the blog mode … this will come out long & maybe wrong
    BUT > > >

    legally executed search warrant =
    (sv) WE HAVE ISSUED PLENTY OF THOSE in the FIVE Yrs. of the PUNCTURED Democracy, to NO avail, to NO convictions of THAT pres., to NO impeachment of THAT pres.

    despite the constancy of attacks on institutions of this country by THAT president, we remain strong …. that we have men, woman who remain fidelitist to the oath of office = =
    (sv) What men / women ??? NOT enough have remained Loyal to their Oaths. the Senate repuKlicans have “shredded”, spit on”, stabbed the constitution, Over and Over and Over again…. if the repuKs had lived their oaths, rUMP would have been Impeached TWICE…. he would Not be allowed NOW STILL, to Choke the Life Out of this country…… the q-ERS, would NOT be in goverment…. but EXCISED into Oblivion,,, before they had the chance to
    Escort the Insurrectionists to the Capitol.

    They ((SV ONLY the DEMOCRATs)
    (and maybe 2 from other party)
    remain FAITHFUL l to the aoth they took to the Constitution

    The 71 Millions out there,,, consume the narrative —
    THE BAD GUYS are winning *
    is heard from the F.Fathers of this country ANY LONGER.
    The constitution has Not protected Us,
    But by maybe ? perhaps ? 2-14%……
    the goP-ers, the q-Ers, the kkk, the anti-Vaxers ……….
    ARE CONTINUING TO GET AWAY with ALL they ever wanted .

  3. Sandra says:

    #2 Of today
    #3 of this month, on this Blog.

    I was Fortunate Or psychically inclined to bring up Different blog just Now.
    THAT PARALLELS my comment of One hour ago…

    I happened to Pull Up — Your “What I’m Proud Of” APRIL 23, 2021
    You Wrote of the CONSTITUTION (pertaining to Your your hopes for your government students)

    TWO hours prior to Reading this one — ” . . . Proud of ”
    I had written in EARNESTNESS,,, Or passion… OR Intensity (which is my normal range of feelings and response ) ……… so much about how the Constitution has been UNable to protect us from tRumpian Malice and slaughter.
    PAT B’s Excellent attitude and words (written UNTIL the next typing of ———–

    this American government was held together with spit and chewing gum. It works only when we all make it work. The government’s coercive power does NOTextend to forcing people to Act as Citizens; that’s on them. The Constitution doesNOT guarantee let alone force everyone to accept its Guidance;
    ~ ~ it’s UP To All of Us to Abide by it. Neither the Supreme Court nor any other court can serve us with a warrant to MAKE US SUPPORT OUR GOVERNMENT & CONSTITUTION. ……. now that our nation is in Danger from exactly what I warned against: that NOT ENOUGH OF US would care to support and defend the Constitution and thereby our government
    (sv) so how in the world of actions can WE, THE PEOPLE, of saneness and caring, support Constitution & government ??? when WE, THE PEOPLE of Caring and Saneness, just get a Vote every TWO Years, and the republicans, don’t EVEN Abide by the MAJORITY Vote.. They gerrymander the Hellians Into Local and Federal Office…..

    I guess with all else that is the Deranged Violation of We, majority of good, caring people,,,,, THAT this VOTER SUPPRESSION and malpractice by the goP-ers …… SHOULD HAVE HAD “Clear – Should Have Included Law in Terms of EVERYLASTING centuries ….. That the VOTE could NOT be suppressed …

    Well that’s it for my B/P at the moment. I realilze the sorrowful Time-Frame in HISTORY on Voting … I’m aware that when constitution was Written, maybe the Forefathers,,,,,,, didn’t even Contemplate that * Women, Blacks, etc. Would ever even Get to Vote….. so how would they have written a LAW to Protect the Minorities VOTE from getting taken away ??? I get that part.

    But that sorrowful Time-Frame Omission….. does NOT Lessen my furious anger, Nor abundant fear for Our Nation.

    THANK YOU for a place that Allows my
    Release of just about everything in the Universe.
    Take Care, Stay Safe
    And as Kung Fu Philosophy directs us Now adays
    “Avoidance” (of certain ppl groups)
    Avoidance Is the 1st Lesson of Self-Defense.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      A famous swordsman was being poled across a river by the boatman. In the boat was a brash young man all full of himself who recognized the swordsman and challenged him to a duel.
      The swordsman nodded in the negative, politely bowing. Again the young man in his face and again the swordsman politely declined. Once more the challenge came and this time the swordsman was firm, No!
      Now the challenger grabbed the boatman and threatened to kill him. The swordsman reluctantly agreed and directed the boatman to a sandbar in the river. As the boat touched sand, the eager fool jumped off and turned toward the swordsman, who grabbed the boatman’s pole and shoved the boat off the sandbar, leaving the challenger stranded and safe from harm.

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