Two-tiered thinking

Advanced Republicans (one step above Australopithecines) can speak on two tiers: one is to their base and the other comes from that one eye on the general public and their political foes/enemies (not opponents). The statement from Congressman ?  that the rioters/terrorists on Jan. 6 were tourists or like tourists is, indeed, not EXACTLY what he said. What he said was “you would have thought they were tourists.” You can tell people who give themselves an out because they are covered in slime.

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  1. Sandra says:

    oh the SLIME of this guy you are describing

    I’ve on purpose, Not recalling his name, because it’s ___ . well not finishing sentence. I did fb about hIMM.. so his name is somewhere with my summation of his NON-humaness / .
    Anyway, what I’d like to WRITE here ; Is even tho he Falsely thinks his SLIME gave him a way out …
    he is still in the Mire …. BECAUSE he did SAY: (oh wish I had the verbatime at hand……. ) BUT I’m close because it appauled ……

    HE DID say …. “… they were moving in an orderly manner, taking pictures and ……” I was Wishing Our
    Good Man RASKIN talking of his ‘tourist’ crap incinuation…… That Raskin would have Concentrated on the 3 SECOND view of the ”orderly manner …. ” Comparing whatever 3 seconds to the FOLLOWING FOUR HRS. and 7 months OF Terror, they engaged in ………

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