Why SOME sports fans belong in the dregs of humanity category

Full disclosure: I have never been a sports fan. My wife, my son, so many people in my life are “avid” sports fans (like a “devout” Catholic, an “observant” Jew, a “pious” Hindu, and other adjective plus denominational label) and I love they way they enjoy sports. I just don’t enjoy them.
When Simone Biles dropped out of the Olympics, my instincts told me she would receive scorn (always “withering” scorn). Sadly, my forebodings bore out. Here I go with my over-the-top scorn of my own directed toward her detractors (critics are OK as long as it is “fair” criticism – do you get the idea I like clichés?). Are there any high-level gymnasts or divers who join them in piling abuse on Biles? Step up if you have credentials as a gymnast or diver and explain why her decision was unwise or lacking in courage.
In addition, Biles gave a boost to placing mental health among all health concerns, confounding the “tough-minded” crowd.

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