My Wife, the Genius

Somewhere in this blog there may be a mention of my wife’s uncanny ability to size up a room full of people and indicate if something – or someone – is out of place. It always has amazed me and at times I have remonstrated with her severely, as in, “How can you possible know that?” only to find her to be right.
She believes Putin “has something” on a good number of high-level personages in the U.S. and we may yet find out, if and when Putin goes down and the archives are opened as they were at the end of the Soviet era.
Today she pointed out something peculiar, something I had never noticed. In all of Trump’s attacks on the media, he has a hands-off approach to MSNBC, source of vicious, the more so because they are accurate, ridicule and outing of Trump, outing him as a con man.
Yet Trump does not go after MSNBC the way he goes after CNN and other “outlets.” Why not?
The fact is, when she asked this rhetorically, I thought for a minute and realized she was right; I can’t recall any nasty comments other than “little Katy Tur” or some such. Why not?
Because, my dear wife reasons, NBC is where he became a star and made somewhat honest money. He probably still gets residuals or whatever you call ‘after the show’ money. He cannot afford to offend NBC and so he lays off MSNBC.
What do you think?

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  1. SandraVerbe says:

    I am glad to concur that your Wife IS a GENIUS.

    Not only did she point out something ‘peculiar’ as you stated,
    She pointed out something SPECTACULAR *

    that I, you, any liberal-inclined , news worthy Watcher of the best, researched, reported, and Delivered political news there is in existence , MSNBC, should have noticed, but did Not notice Until You wrote of Your Wife’s Uncanny ability ability to Size-Up a topic.
    Sincere Appreciation of The woman you are married to.
    Will be Reading more.

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