Hillbilly Legacy

Of hillbilly legacy myself (West Virginia though raised in Ohio), I was heartened to see J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy (J.D. is so Southern – it was only recently I read that many Black Southerners use initial names so Whites can change it to Sam). White liberals seized on it in full praise to show they did not hate White people and respected the people who their entertainment media has showered with scorn, from Beverly Hillbillies to My Cousin Vinnie.

Some of us were a trifle skeptical but we soldiered on as we knew a lot of what he was saying was true. But finally, the pull of the Appalachian culture was too strong for Vance to resist and he has joined in the Trump chorus with a most typical way, denigrating and sliming immigrants while married to the child of Indian immigrants.

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