So interesting how we talk about the rage of the Trump voters, the left-behind. How about this though?
Just tonight (Dec. 9, 2021) I was listening to my wife correcting the TV pundits on life in America for Black people. I reminded her of James Baldwin’s statement that to be Black in America was to be in a constant state of rage. Some of our acquaintances have remarked on her anger, almost to the point of telling her to ‘get over it.’ She has to tell them that I’m worse than she is (I’m White, she is Black). I have the Big Thoughts, which began about 20 years into our marriage when I saw, 20 years after the Great Society Civil Rights legislation that the change was superficial. I began thinking in terms of enclaves, where Black people could control the institutions of daily life. Then about 20 years after that I broadened it out to the resurrection of the Confederacy so all these people who are unhappy with a pluralistic society could go off and not pay taxes and shoot each other without affecting us. Blow has a much more nuanced notion: Blacks can move back (my wife came from East Texas) to the South and take political control of a few states just by their numbers. That would give them the control I sought with my enclaves and still be deal makers with senators and representatives participating in a bigger way in making law and power brokers in national elections, just like the other power brokers in society.
Do I think Black people will go for it? No. Just like most Americans think the Trumpified GOP will go away along with all the signs of an approaching fascist state, most Black people cannot imagine themselves back in a segregated society. Most of us did not think Roe v Wade could be overturned either.

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  1. 伟思礼 says:

    I have a Facebook “friend” who yesterday posted a “congratulations” to all the people who refused to take the ”poison” (COVID vaccine).  Since they were also one of those Trump-can-do-no-wrong folks, I’m tempted to ask why they doesn’t follow Trump’s example and get vaccinated. Might be like those old science fiction films where the computer catches fire when told something contradictory.

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