Do you really doubt it………..?

When I saw the faces of the young people caught up in the police dragnet in Belarus, I saw the future of our children and grandchildren. The Right has declared through the Republican Party and its outlets on the networks, radio and social media that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. When your kid gets sick at the shooting down of Black people by a newly empowered police force and voices their opposition, do you think the people who removed babies and toddlers from their parents and threw them into cages would hesitate to do to your kids what happened to the Belarussian kids? Can you live with that?

Remember, the concentration of Republican forces lies in the geography of people who were rebels against the U.S. They were not hanged as was proper but allowed to reclaim their citizenship and then went on to found a fascist terror state that lasted 100 years, stripping one tenth of the U.S. population of its citizenship. IOW, power was granted to the bad guys to terrorize the victims we supposedly fought a war to liberate. That would be like liberating Europe only to turn the eastern part over to a dictator…… oh, that’s right, we did do that.
At any rate, a good part of the American population just doesn’t get what I mean by fascist terror state because they’ve been taught to reduce such evil to moral choices on the part of individuals, sort of like good Nazis and bad Nazis. So no one is truly responsible since each tells himself that he is a good person and nothing he does has serious consequences and Americans don’t act collectively, we are all individuals, by Golly.
Therefore, the Republicans may very well win in 2022 and 2024 and then watch.

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