Personal responsibility versus social responsibility

Kurt Andersen has made clear the course of thinking in this country derived from Milton Friedman: nothing matters more that making money except making more money.
The title of this blog entry would elicit only a snort from about half our population. Yet the fools live with other people. My take on it is that that is what they hate, having to adjust their lives and purposes to other people, like……… children?
No. I flat don’t understand these people. The word ‘idiot’ as defined by Rebecca West in her Black Lamb, Grey Falcon fits them and is etymologically correct: someone who sees things only from their own pov and interest.


  1. Sandra Verbeke says:

    we live in high percentage of FUTILITY at this time,
    …. admittedly, I am definitely “jaded & weary”
    from life the way it has TURNED.

    And Yet, I dislike writing the above sense I have food & roof over my head,
    All I can really think of is the Ukrainians …. and
    that does escalate the INeffectiveNess of so large and so many populations only caring about Treachery, oppression and Violating HUMAN RIGHTs.

  2. sandra verbeke says:

    WILL get into reading More excellent Blogs AND Most Always Responding to those I read…. Rainy day today, I may get to some later (after painting INSIDE) a bit.

    BUT wanted to post this ….. HOPE the Text Picture pastes here below……
    I’m asked quite often from a Florida community I used to live in, If I know certain *Ignorant … reasonings Why the goP-ers do certain things…..

    (No it won’t paste, it’s lengthy, so I regret the Whole Text won’t Paste here.
    It’s ONE answer as to why in the hell – MATH books banned in florida.
    one Math book, had Black Mathematician (Lead) at NASA
    Dorothy Johnson Vaughan (1910 – 2008)
    (wish I could have posted ENTIRETY… but won’t work.

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