What is a statesman?

We have a contrast. When it became clear that Nixon had to go, it was Republicans, including, most famously, Barry Goldwater, who went to him and told it was time, for the good of the party and the good of the presidency and the good of the country. They might have added for the good of his soul.
We seldom see liberals like me praise Goldwater, considering his kick-off of the movement that has ended in Jan. 6. Nevertheless, instead of clinging to the power that controlling the presidency brings, those Republicans did indeed put country first. If only the current crop of GOP weasels could see that expelling Trump would have been for the good of the party, too. But all they smell is the power Trump wafts their way.
Now that McCarthy is on tape treating Trump like a dead cat on fire that needs to be kicked away, we will have to see who Trump can turn to; we know who he will turn on.
Since this is so current, with tapes coming forth of Republican leadership (if that is not an oxymoron) stating the need to get rid of Trump, I will add here that another reporter has been finding an underlying plan in the Justice Department to build a case against the proponents of overthrowing the 2020 election by building from the bottom (feeders) up toward the top. I only hope it’s so. I do believe that a good many former Trump voters might be peeled away to not vote or even vote Democratic if enough of the perfidy of the leadership is revealed. Dishearten them, Garland, dispirit them.

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