All Snakes Have a Backbone

Our Arizona Representative, Ruben Gallego, thought through Mike Pence’s refusal to get into the car to whisk him away from danger and realize it was not because Pence did not like the optics of running away. Gallego said someone reminded Pence that once in that car, he’d be put on a plane and flown far from the Capitol so he could not carry out his constitutional duty of certifying the electoral college vote.
So Pence stayed as the mob screamed “Hang Mike Pence” and counted votes, defeating the coup attempt.
Who knew Trump’s sycophantic vice would turn out to be the preserver of the liberal order.
(I may have got a few facts wrong so I will watch Chris Hayes again tomorrow and make corrections here)

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  1. sandra verbeke says:

    good to Read, ONE decent thing this SNAKE did for our nation.

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