All Snakes Have a Backbone

Our Arizona Representative, Ruben Gallego, thought through Mike Pence’s refusal to get into the car to whisk him away from danger and realize it was not because Pence did not like the optics of running away. Gallego said someone reminded Pence that once in that car, he’d be put on a plane and flown far from the Capitol so he could not carry out his constitutional duty of certifying the electoral college vote.
So Pence stayed as the mob screamed “Hang Mike Pence” and counted votes, defeating the coup attempt.
Who knew Trump’s sycophantic vice would turn out to be the preserver of the liberal order.
(I may have got a few facts wrong so I will watch Chris Hayes again tomorrow and make corrections here)


  1. sandra verbeke says:

    good to Read, ONE decent thing this SNAKE did for our nation.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      Keith Olberman was our favorite back then. Now it’s been Rachel and then Lawrence, now Lawrence. Hard to explain about Rachel, but besides her immense empathy for people like the time she lost it on receiving the bulletin about the kids at the border – no warning, they just handed it to her…. how honest and decent to be crushed by that, her focus on going back…… way back……. to show us the roots and the parallels. At my age, so much of this crap I’ve already seen, though this is much more dangerous.
      Chris Matthews was good but drove me nuts with his cluelessness about Evangelicals, Mormons, and other people who do not have apartments in Manhattan – very narrow; plus he never understood Trump’s personality disorder, continually expecting him to react normally.
      Chris Hayes is excellent in his ability to parse events. His Nation Within a Nation about African-Americans was one of the earlier books I read once I got into my political phase; I think he understands the Black experience in this country better than most.
      All the others are wonderful: Ali (who I expect to find one day covering a war in Myanmar in the morning and a hurricane in Barbados that afternoon and finishing up with a armed rally of militia in Idaho by (Tiki) torch light) and Mahdi and Ayman and I love Morning Joe for the broad spectrum of guests they attract (if you can ignore Joe’s rants – it’s cute how Mika tries to distract him). Melendez and so on. As for Nicole, she and Joy make up the triumvirate (triumfeminate?) on special events, along with Rachel. You cannot beat that team. Nicole’s honest reaction of disgust toward her former party is so genuine; Joy’s mounting outrage softened by deadly sarcasm (Tucker Carlson becomes Tuckums) makes us feel like someone is there for us.
      I should make it clear that my wife is not even slightly distanced from all the b.s she has gone through as an African-American. Change my ass.
      So tell me who I’ve missed in the MSNBC line-up. I’ve tried CNN but they revel in panels yelling at each other (haven’t they ever trained moderators?). Let’s see – PBS is too short though good. Hmmmm. Who else is left? No, no, no, I meant a professional journalism outfit, not a branch of Putin’s Internet Research Agency.

  2. Sandra Verbeke says:

    I have some wonder if Mike Pence will / Has spoken to the Select Committee….. I’ve softened, ONLY a BIT, about Pence.. and do think, why he doesn’t Still Fear for his Life over this . Now and 10 years from now have the fear….

    I will have the Fear forever and they don’t even know my name….

    I respect your source watching, but am surprised it is Chris Hayes. unless his time of airing is best for you, for some reason.. My High preference of news Journalist is NICOLLE WALLACE, then Lawrence O’Donnell …… My used to be, When he was ON msnbc was … oooo, going to have to turn my “immediate memory back on… to get his name*…. it’ll take a moment ..

    I admit, I had to look it up . Keith Olbermann . Something about his delivery I liked a lot, Which is somewhat Major difference to Nicolle… Then of course “Chris Matthews”… he delivered with some “Outrage” which is what I probably liked watching best…. The reason, timing & level of Rage, most often Matched Mine.

    An on-line acqaintance just posted IMO opin, a Wonderful Story on the “Lovings” By Racial couple Richard and Virginia Loving – you most likely have their beautiful Story on your List… Anyway, my acquaintance GLORIA JOHNSON … I told her about Your Exceptional Blog of 22 years, and She wanted the Link…… I just sent it to her Proudly , This Afternoon.

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