The Hearings

Take aways:

Videographer testified Proud Boys left the Ellipsis before Trump even arrived, clearly to reconnoiter the Capitol, depending on Trump to send the crowd to the Capitol to afford them mass and cover as their “stacks” weaved through the mob toward preselected entry point targets

Republican Congresspersons applied for pardons, indicating guilt of participation in the insurrection.

The testimony of the young, pretty, blonde, White police woman and the image of her lying unconscious on the steps as the mob of “White thugs” whirled about her, only for her to get up and go help fellow officers and rejoin the fray.

Liz Cheney’s devastating message to her Republican colleagues ‘defending the indefensible’: The day will come when Donald Trump is gone but your dishonor remains.

Benny Thompson’s referencing Lincoln’s letter at the election revealing his intent to support his rival should he win in the middle of a civil war.

Pence’s – Pence !! – fidelity to the Constitution, including his refusal to get into the car to take him to “safety” as part of the plot to get him out of the way so a flunky could be appointed to take his post and not count the votes.

The list of steps Trump was supposed to take: call the AG, the DOJ, the DOD, Homeland Security and/or the National Guard; only Pence did all of those. (Recall that Flynn’s brother was in charge at the Pentagon that day)

Some of my reading delves into the difference between very conservative persons like Cheney, Barr, Pence, Judge Carter in CA, versus O’Connell, McCarthy, et al.

The essence of this is accountability, without which the law is pointless.

I do wonder if any of my students in my government classes recall their bewilderment when I pointed out that nothing except each one of them guarantees our democracy because democracy is held together by spit and chewing gum and it is very fragile. That was especially hard for the Mormon kids since they are taught that the country was established by Jesus or some such. One kid burst into tears when I said our Constitution comes from the Enlightenment, not the bible.

More to come.


  1. 伟思礼 says:

    I sincerely hope Trump doesn’t get away with it.  And yet the televising of “hearings” disturbs me in that only one side is being presented.  A hearing is for hearing evidence, not for telling the public one side of what was heard in the hearing—even if that happens to be the true side.  I don’t for a minute believe that not a single one of Trump’s loyalists was willing to insist to the panel that Trump is the messiah.  And I suspect that many of the people we did hear from were on Trump’s side and are now saying what they think the committee wants to hear—and the committee members pretty much told them what they wanted to hear before asking the question.

    Now, don’t misinterpret this and accuse me of supporting one of the worst two presidents we ever had¹—it’s just that it galls me to see the judge and jury also being the prosecutor.

    ¹Andrew Jackson is either first or a close second for killing thousands of Cherokees AFTER the Supreme Court said it would be illegal.

    1. 伟思礼 says:

      Example: Televised sessions make Mark Meadows out to be one of the good guys, or at least on the fence.  And yet:

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